Best of UNICEF Research

Research in UNICEF is carried out and commissioned by Country Offices, Regions, Headquarters and, increasingly, by National Committees. The Best of UNICEF Research exercise undertaken by UNICEF’s Office of Research (OoR) at the end of 2012 was the first systematic effort to collect, share and recognise the research that takes place within the organization. This year (2014) is the second round and again has received a lot of interest from across the organization.

The OoR assesses all submissions in an internal review and then hands over a selection of 12 pieces to an external review panel. It is up to the expert panel to decide which pieces deserve recognition for their research excellence, applicability and impact. Results are expected to be shared in June and followed by a publication, access to all submissions and a feedback opportunity to the submitter.

The Best Of UNICEF Research 2014