Impact Evaluation Methodological Briefs and Videos

The Office of Research is mandated to support UNICEF research – undertaken independently and with partners – and ensure it follows high standards of quality.

The package of 13 methodological briefs and five whiteboard animations on impact evaluation is part of a larger agenda to improve the quality of UNICEF research. The focus on impact evaluation stems from the need for UNICEF to assess and evaluate the impact of its programme and policy interventions and is driven by the increased call by partners and donors to evaluate development programmes using counterfactual evaluation designs (experimental, quasi-experimental and non-experimental design).

Some believe that they are the ‘golden’ methods of research and this package not only describes them but also outlines their strengths and limitations, and recommends an expanded set of methods that can be used instead or in conjunction with them to further validate results. The completed package will be available to UNICEF staff and the public in September 2014.