Research Facilitation

OoR’s mandate includes support to UNICEF’s global capacity to generate, disseminate and effectively make use of evidence and research on children in its programming and advocacy.

As part of its efforts to strengthen the overall research capacity and quality, OoR works on the development and implementation of quality standards in research, of analytical guidelines and tools, and on mechanisms to enhance knowledge sharing and broker good research practice.

Sound quality assurance (QA) is critical to UNICEF’s mandate for enhancing our reputation as a knowledge leader on children; ensuring scarce resources are not wasted; and protecting those who participate in research, and whose lives are affected by its outcomes.

Research supported by UNICEF – whether undertaken with partners or independently – takes place across a range of geographic, social and economic settings and needs to respond to different thematic priorities and accommodate different levels of research capacity. This diversity in context and research capability does not lend itself to rigid or detailed prescriptions of what should be in place to ensure high quality, but needs to be supported by overarching minimum standards for all UNICEF research.

The Office of Research is mandated to ensure that quality assurance mechanisms for research are in place in all Country and Regional Offices.