A small, multidisciplinary team of experts, with diverse academic, professional and cultural backgrounds makes up the team at the Office of Research - Innocenti

Director's Office

Sarah Cook
E-mail: scook@unicef.org

Goran Holmqvist
Associate Director
E-mail: gholmqvist@unicef.org

Prerna Banati
Chief, Programme & Planning
E-mail: pbanati@unicef.org

Cinzia Iusco Bruschi
Senior Executive Assistant
E-mail: ciusco@unicef.org

Michelle Kate Godwin
Programme Manager
E-mail: mgodwin@unicef.org

Child Protection

Claire Akehurst
Executive Assistant
E-mail: cakehurst@unicef.org

Jasmina Byrne
Child Protection Specialist
E-mail: jbyrne@unicef.org

Mary Catherine Maternowska
Child Protection Specialist
E-mail: mcmaternowska@unicef.org

Heidi Loening-Voysey
Research and Evaluation Specialist
E-mail: hloening@unicef.org

Alina Potts
Research and Evaluation Specialist
E-mail: apotts@unicef.org

Child Poverty and Social and Economic Policy Responses

Sudhanshu Handa
Chief, Child Poverty and Social and Economic Policy Responses
E-mail: shanda@unicef.org 

Laura Meucci
Executive Assistant
E-mail: lmeucci@unicef.org 

Yekaterina Chzhen
Social Policy Specialist
E-mail: ychzhen@unicef.org

Tia Maria Palermo
Social Policy Specialist
E-mail: tmpalermo@unicef.org

Amber Peterman
Social Policy Specialist
E-mail: apeterman@unicef.org 

Jacob de Hoop
Social Policy Specialist
E-mail: jdehoop@unicef.org

Lisa Hjelm
Junior Professional Officer (JPO)
E-mail: lhjelm@unicef.org

Lucia Ferrone
E-mail: lferrone@unicef.org

Zlata Bruckauf
E-mail: zbruckauf@unicef.org

Richard de Groot
E-mail: rdegroot@unicef.org

Emilia Toczydlowska
E-mail: etoczydlowska@unicef.org

Leah Prencipe
E-mail: lprencipe@unicef.org

Knowledge Management and Research Facilitation

Kerry Albright
Chief, Research Facilitation and Knowledge Management
E-mail: kalbright@unicef.org

Patricia Arquero Caballero
Executive Assistant
E-mail: parquerocaballero@unicef.org

Nikola Balvin
Knowledge Management Specialist
E-mail: nbalvin@unicef.org

Emanuela Bianchera
Knowledge Management Specialist
E-mail: ebianchera@unicef.org

Gabrielle Berman
E-mail: gberman@unicef.org


Dominic Richardson
Senior Education Specialist
E-mail: drichardson@unicef.org

Communication, Advocacy and Innovation

Dale Rutstein
Chief, Communication, Advocacy and Innovation
E-mail: drutstein@unicef.org

Patrizia Faustini
Senior Communication Assistant
E-mail: pfaustini@unicef.org

Vicky Haeri
Publications Assistant
E-mail: vhaeri@unicef.org

Ricardo Pires
Communication Specialist (Web editor)
E-mail: rpires@unicef.org


Nobuko Takahashi
Chief, Operations
E-mail: ntakahashi@unicef.org

Andrea Brilli
Senior Administrative Assistant
E-mail: abrilli@unicef.org

Luigi Capriotti
Senior Information Technology Assistant
E-mail: lcapriotti@unicef.org

Josephine Dariol
Senior Human Resources Assistant
E-mail: jdariol@unicef.org

Daniele Regoli
E-mail: dregoli@unicef.org

Flora Zecchi
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: fzecchi@unicef.org