- A small, multidisciplinary team of experts, with diverse academic, professional and cultural backgrounds makes up the team at the Office of Research. Read the profiles of this team of researchers, managers, communicators and administrators.

Director's Office

Goran Holmqvist
Director, a.i Office of Research
E-mail: gholmqvist@unicef.org

Prerna Banati
Chief, Programme & Planning
E-mail: pbanati@unicef.org

Cinzia Iusco Bruschi
Senior Executive Assistant
E-mail: ciusco@unicef.org

Child Protection

Andrew Mawson
Chief, Child Protection
E-mail: amawson@unicef.org

Claire Akehurst
Executive Assistant
E-mail: cakehurst@unicef.org

Jasmina Byrne
Child Protection Specialist
E-mail: jbyrne@unicef.org

Mary Catherine Maternowska
Child Protection Specialist
E-mail: mcmaternowska@unicef.org

Child Poverty and Social and Economic Policy Responses

Sudhanshu Handa
Chief, Child Poverty and Social and Economic Policy Responses
E-mail: shanda@unicef.org

Laura Meucci
Executive Assistant
E-mail: lmeucci@unicef.org

Yekaterina Chzhen
Social Policy Specialist
E-mail: ychzhen@unicef.org

Tia Maria Palermo
Social Policy Specialist
E-mail: tmpalermo@unicef.org

Amber Peterman
Social Policy Specialist
E-mail: apeterman@unicef.org 

Lucia Ferrone
E-mail: lferrone@unicef.org

Zlata Bruckauf
E-mail: zbruckauf@unicef.org

Richard de Groot
E-mail: rdegroot@unicef.org

Emilia Toczydlowska
E-mail: etoczydlowska@unicef.org

Leah Prencipe
E-mail: lprencipe@unicef.org

Knowledge Management and Research Facilitation

Kerry Albright
Chief, Research Facilitation and Knowledge Management
E-mail: kalbright@unicef.org

Nikola Balvin
Knowledge Management Specialist
E-mail: nbalvin@unicef.org

Emanuela Bianchera
Knowledge Management Specialist
E-mail: ebianchera@unicef.org

Gabrielle Berman
E-mail: gberman@unicef.org

Patricia Arquero Caballero
Executive Assistant
E-mail: parquerocaballero@unicef.org


Dominic Richardson
Senior Education Specialist
E-mail: drichardson@unicef.org

Communication, Advocacy and Innovation

Dale Rutstein
Chief, Communication, Advocacy and Innovation
E-mail: drutstein@unicef.org

Patrizia Faustini
Senior Communication Assistant
E-mail: pfaustini@unicef.org

Eve Leckey
Publications Assistant
E-mail: eleckey@unicef.org

Ricardo Pires
Communication Specialist (Web editor)
E-mail: rpires@unicef.org


Nobuko Takahashi
Chief, Operations
E-mail: ntakahashi@unicef.org

Andrea Brilli
Senior Administrative Assistant
E-mail: abrilli@unicef.org

Luigi Capriotti
Senior Information Technology Assistant
E-mail: lcapriotti@unicef.org

Josephine Dariol
Senior Human Resources Assistant
E-mail: jdariol@unicef.org

Daniele Regoli
E-mail: dregoli@unicef.org

Flora Zecchi
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: fzecchi@unicef.org