Innocenti convenes gatherings of world experts in Florence to explore research and policy issues facing children

Cohort and Longitudinal Studies

Symposium on Cohorts and Longitudinal Studies

©UNICEF/NYHQ2008-1549/Guiara - Child’s View- Laughing children run out of their classroom at recess in a primary school in Bangui, the capital. The photograph was taken by Tatiana Guiara, 10, one of 15 children who participated in a UNICEF-organized photography workshop for children who currently live, or previously lived, on the streets.

Cohort and longitudinal studies have unique potential to improve understanding of the dynamic processes that shape child development. They bring a life-course perspective to analysis, with a potential to respond to specific questions about children’s developmental trajectories.

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Family and parenting support: policies, practice and outcomes

Rapid growth of family support programmes calls for accelerated research agenda

© UNICEF/NYHQ2005-1162/LeMoyne - Yaprak, 10, stands with her younger sister and brother and her mother on the porch of their home in the village of Karaali in Ankara Province. Yaprak attends a 'child-friendly' school, together with all the girls in the village. Today is the last day of school and she is wearing a red velvet dress to celebrate. Yaprak's father works for a local landowner in exchange for the house and a small stipend.

Expert Consultation on Family and Parenting Support, Press release
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