Migration and Children

UNICEF IRC Publications

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UNICEF IRC has published the following reports on migration and children.



  • Child migrants with and without parents: census-based estimates of scale and characteristics in Argentina, Chile and South Africa

  • Children and Families of Ethnic Minorities, Immigrants and Indigenous Peoples

  • Children in Immigrant Families in Eight Affluent Countries: Their Family, National and International Context

  • Children in Immigrant Families in Switzerland: On a Path between Discrimination and Integration

  • Children in Immigrant Families in the Netherlands: A Statistical Portrait and a Review of the Literature

  • Children of international migrants in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines: a review of evidence and policies

  • Children of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities: an Overview and Conceptual Framework

  • Children’s Work and Independent Child Migration: A critical review

  • Economic growth and child poverty in the CEE/CIS and the Baltic States

  • Independent child migrants in developing countries: unexplored links in migration and development

  • Independent Children, Inconsistent Adults: International child migration and the legal framework

  • Literature review on qualitative methods and standards for engaging and studying independent children in the developing world

  • Review of the Circumstances among Children in Immigrant Families in Australia

  • The Children of Immigrants in France: The Emergence of a Second Generation

  • The Situation among Children of Migrant Origin in Germany

  • The Situation of Children in Immigrant Families in Italy: Changes and Challenges

  • The Situation of Children in Immigrant Families in the United Kingdom