Thematic Consultation for the World Congress III Against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents


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Conference papers

  • A Child Rights Approach to Regional Cooperation

  • Child trafficking: The role of international cooperation

  • Donor Policies and Budget Allocations (Including Inter-sectoral Policies)

  • EU Guidelines for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child

  • International Cooperation Strategies - background paper for the Rio Congress. A presentation of the paper prepared by Dr. Norberto Liwski

  • Law enforcement, youth participation, CETS

  • L’impegno dell’Italia per combattere e prevenire lo sfruttamento sessuale dei minori. Le misure adottate dalla Convenzione di Lanzarote

  • Opening remarks

  • Opening speech

  • Preventing Sexual Exploitation of Children and Young People. The Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk - WGCC Regional Cooperation - How? Why? Who?

  • Promoting Collaboration Between Governmental Institutions and the Civil Society Organizations

  • Promotion of Children’s and Adolescent’s Rights Aiming at the Prevention and Elimination of Sexual Exploitation

  • The Convention Project: Results, Experiences and Lessons Learned

  • The Role of Ombuds for Children in the Protection of Children’s Rights from Sexual Exploitation

  • The Role of the Italian Cooperation for the Elimination of Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism and Other Forms of Sexual Exploitation of Children. (Case Studies from the Dominican Republic, Philippines and Nigeria)

  • The Swedish Initiative - a new Strategy for Council of Europe on Children’s Rights

  • World Congress III Against Sexual Exploitation. The Role of International Actors and Donors