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Four Human Interest Stories

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Egypt: Speaking Out Against FGM/C in Egypt Mohamed Taha Naguib, a primary school teacher in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Minya, outlines his opposition to FGM/C, declaring that “under no circumstances” would he allow his daughter to undergo the procedure. Mohamed is also a volunteer with the Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development, one of a number of NGOs UNICEF is working with to further the campaign for FGM/C abandonment.

Sudan: Local Religious Leader in Sudan Helps Change Official and Community Views of FGM/C In Sudan, a consortium of civil society groups, government offices and UN agencies is making communities aware that FGM/C is not an Islamic practice and that there are serious health consequences of the practice. Some local religious leaders are now questioning the deeply-held convictions about FGM/C in their communities. Sheikh Ali Hashim al Siraj, Director of the Population Enlightenment Programme in the Ministry of Guidance and Endowments, explains his reasons for opposing FGM/C.

Senegal: Creating Dialogue: Ending FGM/C in Senegal In Senegal, the international NGO Tostan has worked to create dialogue within communities about FGM/C through a holistic, basic education program in national languages. Oureye Sall, a former cutter, talks about how the Tostan program changed her views about the practice, and expresses her commitment to the movement for FGM/C abandonment.

Switzerland: Powerful Campaign: UNICEF Switzerland Battling FGM/C As a result of worldwide migration, women who have been mutilated and girls who risk becoming victims of this human rights violation currently reside in European countries as well. This article looks at the campaign for FGM/C abandonment being carried out in Switzerland, including comments by Elsbeth Müller, Executive Director of UNICEF Switzerland, and Anisa Osman, head of a Somali women's group in Switzerland.


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