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African parliamentarians signing a Declaration for the abandonment of FGM/C

©UNICEF/Amadou Mbodj/2005 - IPU meeting - Opening session

African Parliamentarians signed a Declaration in Dakar to end FGM/C, acknowledging that the abandonment can only be achieved as a result of a comprehensive movement which involves all public and private stakeholders in society; also they are determined to spare no effort to end FGM/C and to achieve the goal of abandoning this practice within a generation

To this effort they committed themselves to strengthen ther cooperation with specialised international organisations in this area; to report to the African Parliamentary Union and the Inter-Parliamentary Union on the progress achieved in the implementation of the recommendations; also they recommend the IPU to forward the Declaration to the African Union for information purposes and for its distribution to the Conference of Heads of State and Government, the Executive Council and the Panafrican Parliament; they urge IPU to forward it to the competent bodies of the African Parliamentary Union, the IPU, UNICEF, United Nations system agencies and other partners; ans they solicitate the organizers to set in place an operational mechanism for follow-up on the proceedings of this Conference as soon as possible.


  • Dakar final declaration to end FGM/C - English version

  • Dakar final declaration to end FGM/C - French version