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UNICEF Forum on violence against children in sport

 - Expert consultation on violence in sport, 30-31 May 2007

As a follow-up to the UN Study on Violence, an expert consultation on violence in sport was held at UNICEF IRC on 30-31 May 2007. The aim of the meeting was to progress the global research and policy agenda for safeguarding children in sport.
1.To strengthen and extend the research and policy network established in Lausanne in October 2006
2.To identify knowledge gaps
3.To produce:
- an agenda for a UNICEF research programme
- a working paper for UNICEF
- a communications plan
4.To discuss liaison with the IOC over implementation of the Consensus Statement Recommendations

The UN Study on Violence
Building upon three years of an excellent process, UN Study on Violence against Children was successfully endorsed by UN General Assembly. The General Assembly invited Professor Pinheiro to continue his work and

  • promote wide dissemination of Study
  • give support to first year of follow-up to recommendations
  • submit a report on progress in 2007
  • present a strategy for further implementation of Study