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South Asia Forum (SAF) Regional Preparatory Consultation for the World Congress III against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents

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The SAF Preparatory Consultation brought together Government officials, representatives of the United Nations family, non-governmental and civil society organizations, private sector, children and young people to share good practices being undertaken by Governments and partners, examine new challenges and dimensions of CSEC, and set more targeted strategies which build on achievements since the First World Congress in 1996. The expected outcome of the Consultation will be the identification of concrete targets within a timetable of achievement, to be presented at the World Congress III.
The main objective of the regional consultation were:
  • To review progress since the Mid-Term Review (MTR) in Sri Lanka in 2004. This would be a good platform for the governments to share their reports as the Congress will not have direct reporting from the governments, rather these reports will be compiled into a CD ROM and shared with the participants.
  • Within the broader context of the World Congress III thematic issues, to highlight regional specific aspects of CSEC as guided by the SACG sub-groups on Early Marriage, Human Trafficking, Physical and Psychological Punishment and Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.
  • To identify and agree upon specific targets and indicators for sexual exploitation for the SA Region. Also mechanisms for follow-up and monitoring progress.
  • To contribute South Asia specific outcomes from the Regional Consultation to the World Congress III proceedings and final outcomes.
  • To agree upon a process for the participation of children and youth from South Asia in the WCIII in consultation with youth who will be present and involved in the Kathmandu Regional Consultation.

  • The "South Asia Forum for Ending Violence Against Children" (SAF) is one of the major outcomes of the South Asia Regional Consultation on the UN Study on Violence against Children organized in May 2005 by the South Asia Coordinating Group on Action Against Violence (SACG). It was established as an inter governmental regional body comprising representatives from the governments of 8 SAARC countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) to enable the countries of South Asia region to effectively implement measures to end all forms of violence against children by the governments and other stakeholders with an initial focus on Child Trafficking, Child Corporal and Psychological Punishment and Forced and Early/Child Marriages in the region.