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Working papers on the Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Children in Western and Central Africa

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The following Innocenti Working Papers are the main outcomes of the research project promoted by the Regional Office of UNICEF for West and Central Africa, in collaboration with the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre and the UNICEF Division of Policy and Practice.

Simulating the Impact of the Global Economic Crisis and Policy Responses on Children in West and Central Africa, Innocenti Working Paper No. 2010-01.

Impacts of the Global Crisis and Policy Responses on Child Well-Being: A Macro-Micro Simulation Framework, Innocenti Working Paper No. 2010-06.

Simulation des effets de la crise économique et des politiques de réponse sur les enfants en Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre: Le cas du Burkina Faso, Innocenti Working Paper No. 2010-03.

Incidences de la crise économique mondiale de 2008/09 et des options de politiques de réponse sur la pauvreté des enfants au Cameroun, Innocenti Working Paper No. 2010-04. English version

Simulating the impact of the global economic crisis and policy responses on children in Ghana, Innocenti Working Paper No. 2010-05.

The Impact of the Increase in Food Prices on Child Poverty and the Policy Response in Mali Innocenti Working Paper No. 2009-02.