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Research Watch

©UNICEF/HQ96-0318/Franck Charton - In 1996 in Bhutan, boys share an illustrated book at a desk, at a community school in the village of Tsaluna, in the district of Paro.

Hot on the heels of the new website, will be the launch of 'Research Watch'.

In three words, Research Watch (RW) will be: innovative, stimulating, accessible. In a few more, RW will capture, analyse and share existing global research. It will tap into the best brains and ideas, and disseminate knowledge digitally.

As part of the new website, RW will include:

* Webinars with experts debating hot topics
* Commentary and analysis on current global research on children; from IRC's in-house experts and authorities from other think tanks, academic centres and development agencies.
* Discussions with researchers about their ongoing projects

RW will invite comments, feedback and conversations from all those involved and interested in improving the lives of the most vulnerable children around the globe.