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Message from the Director

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the new face of UNICEF's Innocenti Research Centre (IRC). This website represents what we hope will be a key resource for all staff and partners towards utilising evidence and knowledge to bring results for children. IRC's redesigned website is a "borderless hub" where strategic ideas on research will be shared with colleagues, development partners, policymakers, academics, donors and the media.

Our aim is to make robust research work for children by ensuring its findings are readily accessible to all by exploiting the rapid growth of social media, and using the communicative potential of videos, blogs and graphics. In turn, this is to support policy dialogue in the field and to provide partners with a unique link to UNICEF's own work on research.

Recently, UNICEF decided to bring together the different parts of its research structure into one global Office of Research, also based in Florence. The mandate of this new Office of Research is to lead, support and guide UNICEF in generating, capturing, analysing and disseminating new knowledge in support of UNICEF's programmes and policies. This new website will be a vital component of the work of UNICEF's new Office of Research.

Today we are also releasing four new Working Papers: 1. the impact of the food and financial crisis on child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa; 2. a paper on equitable growth; 3. another on child well-being in Europe; and a fourth on child poverty - focusing on the overlaping accumulation of deprivations. There are part of ongoing research at IRC.

As IRC's new website strives to reflect important new thinking for children in a highly visual way, do take a tour of the new site, and watch our new Chief of Child Protection, Andrew Mawson, and our new Chief of Social & Economic Policy, Chris De Neubourg outline their programmes of work for the coming years. And for a visual voyage, follow the path of research from Florence to 'the field' accompanied by the The African Children's Choir!

Robust research takes time. Development workers and policymakers need a solid evidence base upon which to build, and on which to advocate for children. We look forward to working with you in establishing this vital connection. Do give us feedback on the website, what you think, and what you need. Please do stay in touch and share what is happening on research in your part of the world!

Gordon Alexander

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