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Child soldiers

Children and Transitional Justice: Truth-telling, accountability and reconciliation
The volume analyzes key issues from the transitional justice agenda through a child rights lens. On the basis of research, the authors begin to formulate ...

Genetic Tracing, Disappeared Children and Justice
The last several decades have witnessed a dramatic change in the methods of warfare. Civilians are now increasingly targets of violence, not just mere ...

Prosecuting International Crimes against Children: The legal framework
This paper presents a short overview of the obligations of states under international law to prosecute persons accused of genocide, war crimes, crimes ...

Psychosocial Support for Children: Protecting the rights of child victims and witnesses in transitional justice processes
The paper first looks at psychosocial factors that affect children's participation in transitional justice mechanisms. These factors largely determine ...

Restorative Justice after Mass Violence: Opportunities and risks for children and youth
There is growing interest in the role that restorative justice can play in addressing mass atrocities. This paper describes the associated principles ...

Transitional Justice and the Situation of Children in Colombia and Peru
This working paper provides an overview of the transitional process in Colombia and Peru, focusing on the situation of children. The adoption of judicial ...

Transitional Justice and Youth Formerly Associated with Armed Forces and Armed Groups: Acceptance, marginalization and psychosocial adjustment
To support true healing of war-affected populations, including children formerly associated with armed forces and armed groups, transitional justice efforts ...


3551 : the story

Adult wars, child soldiers : voices of children involved in armed conflicts in the East Asia and the Pacific Region

ARC resource pack

Bambini tra le armi : per Commissione parlamentare per l'infanzia

Cape Town Principles and best practices adopted at the Symposium on the prevention of recruitment of children into the armed forces and on demobilization and social reintegration of child soldiers in Africa, 27-30 April 1997, Cape Town, South Africa

Child and soldier : long-term effects of active participation in combat among Tamils

Child soldiers : report from a seminar by R

Child soldiers : the recruitment of children into armed forces and their participation in hostilities

Child soldiers : the role of children in armed conflict

Child soldiers global report : global report on child soldiers 2001

Children : the invisible soldiers

Children : the invisible soldiers : report on the participation of children in armed conflicts and internal disturbances and tensions for the United Nations Study on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Children

Children affected by armed conflicts : UNICEF actions

Children and war

Children as soldiers : post traumatic symptoms in Liberian child soldiers exposed to war atrocities both as victims and participants

Children at war

Children of war : report from the Conference on children of war organized by Swedish Red Cross, Swedish Save the Children and Raoul Wallenberg Institute : Stockholm, 31 May-2 June 1991

Conference on the rights of Children in armed conflict : final report of a conference held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 20-21 June 1994

A critical analysis of progress made and obstacles encounteres in increasing protection for war-affected children

Democratic Republic of Congo : reluctant recruits: children and adults forcibly recruited for military service in North Kivu

Easy prey : child soldiers in Liberia

Easy targets : violence against children worldwide

Impact of armed conflict on children : selected highlights

The impact of armed conflict on children : the promotion of physical and psychological recovery and social reintegration

The impact of war on children : a review of progress since the 1996 United Nations Report on the impact of armed conflict on children

In the firing line : war and children's rights

International criminal justice and children

L'infanzia di Ivan [Videoregistrazione]

Le quattro giornate di Napoli [Videoregistrazione]

My gun was as tall as me : child soldiers in Burma

La participaci

Promotion and protection of the rights of children : impact of armed conflict on children : note by the Secretary-General

Promotion and protection of the rights of children : impact of armed conflict on children : note by the Secretary-General : addendum

The rehabilitation of former child soldiers : report on a training workshop for caregivers of demobilised child soldiers, Freetown, Sierra Leone, September 1st to 3rd 1993

Restoring playfulness : different approaches to assisting children who are psychologically affected by war or displacement

Rethinking the trauma of war

The special protection of children and child soldiers : a principle and its application

The state of children and women in Turkey : perspectives in the context of the CRC and CEDAW

State of the World's Mothers 2002 : Mothers and Children in War & Conflict

Stop using child soldiers!

Sudan : the lost boys : child soldiers and unaccompanied boys in Southern Sudan

The protection of children and the Quest for truth and justice in Sierra Leone

UNICEF action on behalf of children affected by armed conflict

UNICEF action on behalf of children affected by armed conflict : selected examples

The use of children as soldiers in Africa : a country analysis of child recruitment and participation in armed conflict

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