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Minimum age

Better Schools, Less Child Work. Child Work and Education in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru
On the basis of detailed statistical surveys conducted in five Latin American countries, this essay demonstrates that actual practice in the region contrasts ...

Child Labour and Basic Education in Latin America and the Caribbean
The high primary school enrolment rates in Latin America and the Caribbean mask poor performance in terms of the quality, relevance and cost-effectiveness ...

Child Work and Education: Five case studies from Latin America
In recent years research, as well as the results of practical programmes, has lead to a clearer understanding of the relationship between child work and ...
Minimum age

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Cape Town Principles and best practices adopted at the Symposium on the prevention of recruitment of children into the armed forces and on demobilization and social reintegration of child soldiers in Africa, 27-30 April 1997, Cape Town, South Africa

Children in combat

International criminal justice and children

La participación de los niños en los conflictos armados : el protocolo facultativo a la Convención sobre los derechos del niño
Minimum age