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A multilingual international child rights Thesaurus, a tool for indexing and retrieving documents.

Thesaurus legenda

Alphabetical section

This is the main section, with descriptors and non-descriptors interfiled in alphabetical order. It contains all of the applicable information about each descriptor:


Abduction  - 02.09   Fr    Es    Glossary   IRC site
   SN: Abduction for the purposes of exploitation. Do not confuse with illicit transfer.
   UF: Kidnapping
   BT: Child exploitation
   RT: CRC article 35
   NT: na
         Protection from abduction
         Sale and trafficking

Abduction Descriptor
02.09 Thematic display
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SN indicates, if necessary, a scope note explaining how the descriptor is used. For descriptors based on the specialized terminology of the CRC, the Glossary should also be consulted;
UF (Used for) indicates a synonym from which a "use" reference has been made;
BT (Broader Term) indicates the term(s) immediately above the descriptor in the hierarchy to which it belongs. If the Broader Term is not the term at the top of the hierarchy (Top Term), then the Top Term is also indicated, preceded by one or more plus signs (+). One plus sign indicates that the Top Term is one level above the BT, two plus signs indicates that it is two levels above the BT, etc.;
NT (Narrower Term) indicates the term(s) immediately below the descriptor in the hierarchy;
RT (Related Term) indicates terms that are related in a non- hierarchical way to the descriptor;

Thematic display

This section is lists the descriptors by main theme according to a numerical code. Some descriptors appear under more than one theme.

Hierarchical display

This section lists, under each top term, the hierarchy of terms that comes under it. Descriptors that have no BTs or NTs do not appear in this section.

Permuted index

This section is an index to each significant word (excluding such words as "the", "and" and "of") in the descriptors and non-descriptors.

Alphabetical Display

Best interests of the child  - 02.01

Broader term:
Children's rights
         + Human rights
Related term:

Hierarchical Display

Human rights

Children's rights
         Best interests of the child
         Equal access
         Equal opportunity
         Equality of parents
         Freedom from capital punishment
         Freedom from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
         Freedom from discrimination
         Freedom from life imprisonment
         Freedom from torture
         Freedom of association
         Freedom of conscience
         Freedom of expression
                  Freedom of information
                           Access to appropriate information
         Freedom of peaceful assembly
         Freedom of religion
         Freedom of thought
         Liberty of person
         Minimum age
                  Criminal responsibility
         Protection from abduction
         Protection from abuse and neglect
         Protection from drug abuse
         Protection from drugs-related exploitation
         Protection from exploitation
                  Protection from economic exploitation
                  Protection from sale and trafficking
                  Protection from sexual exploitation
         Protection from harmful work
         Protection from hazardous work
         Protection from illicit transfer and nonreturn
         Respect for correspondence
         Respect for family
         Respect for home
         Respect for honour and reputation
         Respect for parental guidance
         Respect for the views of the child
         Right not to be separated from parents
         Right to a name
         Right to acquire a nationality
         Right to adequate standard of living
         Right to appropriate standards of care
         Right to be heard
         Right to benefit from social security
         Right to care and protection
         Right to child-care services
         Right to contact with both parents
         Right to education
         Right to family reunification
         Right to health and health services
         Right to humane school discipline
         Right to information on absent parent or child
         Right to know one's parents
         Right to life
         Right to parental care
         Right to participate in cultural life
         Right to play and recreation
         Right to preserve one's identity
         Right to privacy
         Right to recovery and reintegration
         Right to recovery of maintenance
         Right to registration of birth
         Right to rest and leisure
         Right to survival and development
         Rights of accused children
                  Access to court
                  Assistance of an interpreter
                  Examination of witnesses
                  Fair trial
                  Legal assistance
                  Legal defence
                  Nullum crimen sine lege
                  Presumption of innocence
                  Prompt trial
                  Right to privacy
                  Self-incriminating evidence
                  Trial in the presence of legal assistance
                  Trial in the presence of parents
         Rights of children concerned by adoption
         Rights of children deprived of their family environment
         Rights of children deprived of their liberty
                  Access to court
                  Contact with family
                  Legal assistance
                  Separation from adult prisoners
         Rights of children in armed conflicts
         Rights of convicted children
                  Freedom from capital punishment
                  Freedom from life imprisonment
                  Nullum crimen sine lege
         Rights of disabled children
         Rights of indigenous children
                  Freedom of religion
                  Right to enjoy own culture
                  Right to use own language
         Rights of minority children
                  Freedom of religion
                  Right to enjoy own culture
                  Right to use own language
         Rights of refugee children
Women's rights

Thematic Display

02. -      Children's rigths

02.01 -   Childen rigths - general
Best interests of the child

Permuted Index

Best   interests   of   the   child