Children: Noble Causes or Worthy Citizens?

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  • Author(s)
    • Knutsson, Karl Eric;
  • Publisher
    • Arena, UK; UNICEF ICDC, Florence
  • Date of Publication
    • 1997
  • Pages
    • 180
  • ISBN
    • 1-85742-434-4
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    • 103U
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    • free
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    • English


The eight essays in this volume argue that for both theoretical and practical reasons children need to be understood in their own right. They ask fundamental questions about the cultural and social variations in the perceptions we have of children and childhood and the ways these perceptions emerge to influence and shape our assumptions, preferences and choices concerning children. The book aims to deepen understanding and interest by clarifying the theoretical, ethical and pragmatic reasons for transforming the political neglect of children into recognition and action. It concludes by proposing practical lessons that can be learned from the debate about children.

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Rights of the Child   / 


childhood   /  children's rights   /  cultural factors   /  social roles   /