Two Errors of Targeting

Innocenti Occasional Papers, Economic Policy Series 36

Two Errors of Targeting
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    • Cornia, Giovanni Andrea;
    • Stewart, Frances;
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    • UNICEF ICDC, Florence
  • Date of Publication
    • 1993
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    • 56
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    • 154U
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This paper is the product of the authors’ detailed study of food intervention programmes in nine countries. It identifies the imperfections common to all such schemes, finding that most can be brought under two headings - the ‘two errors’ of the title. These mistakes involve excess coverage - food aid is misdirected and reaches a non-priority population - and are characterised by a failure in the prime objective of the intervention. Having made the diagnosis, the authors go on to discuss possible remedies, highlighting areas in which improvements might be made to the structure of food initiatives. It is hoped that this document will be of value to all those working to ensure that food aid gets to the people who need it most.


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