The Decentralization of the National Programme of Action: The experience of Mongolia

Innocenti Occasional Papers, Decentralization and Local Governance Series 8

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    • Badamhand, Lutaa;
    • Bergen, Uranbileg;
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    • UNICEF ICDC, Florence
  • Date of Publication
    • 1994
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    • 36
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The 1990 World Summit for Children set in motion the development of what were called ‘National Programmes of Action’ in a number of countries. The birth of the Mongolian NPA took place within the context of the profound economic transition that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union. In spite of the difficulties imposed by this widely-felt upheaval, Mongolia has succeeded in laying the foundations for a successful NPA, with initiatives at both Governmental and provincial levels. This paper provides a history of this implementation process.


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