The Decentralization of the National Programme of Action: A case study of Sudan

Innocenti Occasional Papers, Decentralization and Local Governance Series 7

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    • Farooqui, Tarique;
    • Rao Singh, Anupama;
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    • UNICEF ICDC, Florence
  • Date of Publication
    • 1994
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    • 32
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    • 175U
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The birth of the Sudanese National Programme of Action took place in an adverse context characterised by economic isolation and frequent situations of chronic emergency. This paper chronicles the country’s experience of the subsequent ‘decentralisation’ of the programme - the process by which emphasis is transferred from large-scale capital development projects to more sustainable, community-based services for children. It concludes that the eventual success or otherwise of this ongoing process will depend upon such factors as the country’s ability to raise sufficient domestic and external resources.


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