An Overview of NPA Decentralization in Developing Countries

Innocenti Occasional Papers, Decentralization and Local Governance Series 6

An Overview of NPA Decentralization in Developing Countries
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    • Castillo Cardona, Carlos;
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    • Akehurst, Claire;
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    • UNICEF ICDC, Florence
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    • 1994
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The 1990 World Summit for Children brought together 71 Heads of State and Government to discuss ways in which to improve the lives of the world’s children. The international ‘Plan of Action’ adopted at the summit recognised the importance of grass-roots initiatives at the local level. Countries have responded to this call for decentralisation in the development and implementation of their individual ‘National Programmes of Action’. Using survey data from 103 UNICEF field offices from across the world, this paper aims to provide a general overview of the NPA decentralisation phenomenon - where and how it is occurring, the roles of the major actors and the results that have been achieved to date.


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