Basic Services for All?

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Basic Services for All?
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    • Delamonica, Enrique;
    • Mehrotra, Santosh;
    • Vandemoortele, Jan;
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    • Innocenti Research Centre
  • Date of Publication
    • 2000
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    • 40
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    • 88-85401-49-X
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There is a shortfall of up to $80 billion per year between what is spent and what should be spent to ensure universal access to basic social services such as primary health care, basic education and clean water. Drawing on case studies from over 30 developing countries, Basic Services for All? highlights the human cost of this shortfall in terms of lives lost, children out of school, the millions undernourished, and the billions without safe water and sanitation. The report concludes with a Ten Point Agenda for Action - urgently needed measures to close the $80 billion gap.


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