Home-Based Community Day Care and Children's Rights: The Colombian case

Innocenti Occasional Papers, Child Rights Series 3

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    • Castillo Cardona, Carlos;
    • Gonzales Rossetti, Alejandra;
    • Ortiz Pinilla, Nelson;
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    • UNICEF ICDC, Florence
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    • 1993
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Over recent years demographic trends in Columbia (such as the increased participation of women in the workforce) have led to an increased demand for a viable day care system for 3-6 year olds. This has largely been met by an innovative programme set up by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute. The idea at the basis of their initiative is simple yet effective: mothers are given the training and support to enable them to offer day care within their homes to the children of other families from their own communities. This paper describes in detail the design and implementation of this programme. It is hoped international organisations and other countries will draw inspiration from this Colombian success story.


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