Attitudes to Inequality after Ten Years of Transition

Innocenti Working Papers 88

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Attitudes to Inequality after Ten Years of Transition
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    • Redmond, Gerry;
    • Schnepf, Sylke;
    • Suhrcke, Marc;
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    • IRC
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    • 2002
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    • 40
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This paper compares people’s attitudes to inequality at the end of the 1990s the qualities they perceive are needed to get ahead, the role of government and rewards for employment in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Western countries. Data (from the 1999 International Social Survey Programme) suggest that overall, people in CEE express substantially more ‘egalitarian’ attitudes than those in the West, even after 10 years of economic adjustment to the market economy. The research produces important messages for policymakers, underlining the degree of support for public action concerning redistribution and warning them of the extent to which inequalities are felt in society, especially those that are perceived to be generated by ‘unfair’ means.


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