Laying the Foundations for Children's Rights

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Laying the Foundations for Children's Rights
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    • Alston, Philip;
    • Tobin, John;
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    • Darrow, Mac;
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    • 2005
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    • 88-89129-19-0
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This study provides a critical and constructive analysis of how far the international community and individual states have come in their efforts to establish the normative, legal, and institutional frameworks which are essential if the aspirations of the Convention are to be translated into reality. Within this context the study seeks to achieve three objectives: (1) to draw up a balance sheet of some of the Convention’s achievements and shortcomings in terms of laying the foundations for an effective Convention-based regime; (2) to provide a balanced perspective on the Convention’s importance within the overall range of endeavors to improve the well-being of children in the world; and (3) to expose and examine some of the dilemmas and complexities which arise in efforts to promote and give effect to the Convention.


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