Children and Security Sector Reform in Post-conflict Peace-building

Innocenti Working Papers 2010-09

Children and Security Sector Reform in Post-conflict Peace-building
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    • Nosworthy, David;
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    • 2010
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The restoration of justice and security is a priority of post-conflict peace-building, but children and youth - two groups especially affected by armed conflict - rarely receive consideration in this process. This paper considers how reform of the security sector can contribute to making security provision more relevant to the concerns of young people and more reflective of their needs and aspirations. Security sector reform and transitional justice have been recognized as central elements of post-conflict peace-building, and engaging children constructively in these processes will assist in successfully establishing long-term stability. The central role of civil society receives particular attention. The paper concludes with policy recommendations aimed at assisting decision-makers to integrate the security concerns and expectations of children into programme responses.


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Juvenile Justice   / 


children in armed conflicts   /  juvenile justice   /  right of self-expression   /  right to care and protection   /  transitional justice   /