Jim Grant - UNICEF Visionary

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Jim Grant - UNICEF Visionary
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    • Jolly, Richard;
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    • 2001
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    • 172
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    • 92-806-3723-1
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This book glimpses the leadership and achievements of Jim Grant during his period as Executive Director of UNICEF (1980-1995). Each chapter is written by one of his close colleagues - one of those who was privileged to share in the excitement of the efforts and victories for children during those intense years. Jim Grant was a professional and a visionary, an analyst with vast experience and an activist of almost unlimited commitment. At the time of his death it was estimated that, because of his influence, at least 25 million children were alive who would otherwise have died in early life.


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Child Protection   /  Children's Participation   /  National Development Programmes   /  Rights of the Child   / 


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Jim Grant - UNICEF Visionary