Child Deprivation, Multidimensional Poverty and Monetary Poverty in Europe

Innocenti Working Papers 2012-02

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    • Chzhen, Yekaterina;
    • De Neubourg, Chris;
    • Main, Gill;
    • Martorano, Bruno;
    • Menchini, Leonardo;
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    • Bradshaw, Jonathan;
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    • 2012
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The paper focuses on child deprivation in Europe and studies the degree to which it is experienced by children in 29 countries using a child specific deprivation scale. The paper discusses the construction of a child deprivation scale and estimates a European Child Deprivation Index for the 29 countries using 14 specific child related variables made available by the child module of the EU-SILC 2009 survey. The 29 countries are ranked according to the degree of child deprivation: the results show considerable differences between the countries. The (non-)overlap between child deprivation and child monetary poverty is considerable but limited. In general the results indicate where policy interventions can produce improvements. (REVISED VERSION)


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