Child Well-being in Economically Rich Countries: Changes in the first decade of the 21st century

Innocenti Working Papers 2013-02

UNICEF OoR 2013 -
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    • Bradshaw, Jonathan;
    • De Neubourg, Chris;
    • Martorano, Bruno;
    • Natali, Luisa;
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    • 2013
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The analysis shows that the rankings are relatively stable: indeed, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries are still in the best performing group while the United States is still in the bottom of the ranking. Data analysis also highlights a common pattern for East European countries as material conditions improved and the behaviour of young people became more similar to their peers living in Western economies even though children’s living conditions have not improved overall. On the whole, Norway, Portugal and the United Kingdom recorded the most positive changes, while Poland, Spain and Sweden recorded the most negative changes.


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