Lost (in) Dimensions: Consolidating progress in multidimensional poverty research

Innocenti Working Papers 2014-04

Lost (in) Dimensions: Consolidating progress in multidimensional poverty research
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    • de Milliano, Marlous;
    • De Neubourg, Chris;
    • Plavgo, Ilze;
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    • 2014
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Identifying, locating and profiling the poor and deprived individuals in a society are the most basic imperatives for good social policy design. Understanding why people are, and remain, poor is the next analytical step. Multidimensional poverty and deprivation estimates are important new tools in this undertaking. This paper reviews the insights of various contributions from research into multidimensional poverty and deprivation and combines them into an internally consistent framework. The framework adds an important element by emphasising that people may experience various types and forms of poverty and deprivation simultaneously. The experience of poverty is often multifaceted and deprivations are interrelated in many cases. This highlights the necessity to clearly separate the different concepts of poverty and to study their overlap.


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