The Disadvantaged Urban Child in India

Innocenti Occasional Papers, Urban Child Series 1

The Disadvantaged Urban Child in India
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    • Bose, A.B.;
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    • UNICEF ICDC, Florence
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    • 1992
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The situation of disadvantaged urban children in India should be seen in the overall context of the country's growing urban population and increasing urban poverty. About 42 million people, representing 20 per cent of the total urban population, had incomes that fell below the poverty line in 1988. Of the 71 million urban children (1992) 0-14 years of age, an overwhelming 15 to 18 million live in slums. Beyond the general picture of urban children, this report provides a more detailed analysis of specific categories of at-risk children, such as working children, street children and other disadvantaged children in need of care and protection.


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