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Basic Education: A vision for the 21st century. Global Seminar Report, 1998


The ninth Innocenti Global Seminar took as its theme: Basic Education: A Vision for the 21st Century. The Seminar addressed the urgent need for improved strategies to achieve Education for All; at the same time the Seminar deliberations and recommendations were expected to contribute to the UNICEF educational policy.

The Best Interests of the Child: Towards a synthesis of children's rights and cultural values


This paper investigates the dilemmas that arise in applying the ‘best interests’ principle - particularly as the term is used in Article 3(1) of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - to concrete situations involving the treatment of children.

Better Schools, Less Child Work. Child Work and Education in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru


On the basis of detailed statistical surveys conducted in five Latin American countries, this essay demonstrates that actual practice in the region contrasts strongly with legal norms for the minimum age at which children can be employed and the age of completion of compulsory education.

Brazil: The fight for childhood in the city


Breastfeeding Poster (English / African / Matt)

Breastfeeding Poster (English / Arabic / Matt)

Breastfeeding Poster (English / Chinese / Matt)

Breastfeeding Poster (French / Arabic / Matt)

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