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The Philippines: A case study in local planning for children


The 1990 World Summit for Children set in motion the development of what were called ‘National Programmes of Action’ in a number of countries. In the Philippines the birth of the overall government plan has been accompanied by that of a number of supporting schemes at the provincial level.

Policy and Capital Market Constraints to the African Green Revolution: A study of maize and sorghum yields in Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe


Public Policy and Social Conditions


In the early 1990s considerable attention was given to the issues of stabilization, privatization, taxation and labour market adjustment in the Eastern Europe transition, but demographic and welfare issues received less attention. This first regional Monitoring Report highlights the fact that initial hopes for rapid transformation and economic prosperity were quickly tempered by a considerable decline in output, employment and incomes, a worsening of some social indicators, and the appearance of new welfare problems.

Poverty Measurement in Central and Eastern Europe before the Transition to the Market Economy


Participatory Development: Global Seminar Report, 1990


This Report is organized in three main sections: 1) Introduction: Basic concepts and practices of participation.Characteristics and elements of participatory development. 2) Transformation strategies: what can be done to support the practice on a wider scale? 3) Programming, management, and policy issues: recommendations for UNICEF and its partners.

Patterns of Government Expenditures in Developing Countries during the 1980s: The impact on social services


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