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Women, Work and Child Care. Global Seminar Report, 1991

Women's Rights and Children's Rights: The United Nations conventions as compatible and complementary international treaties

Nutrition and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

This study reviews the progress that governments have made in implementing policies regarding nutrition, providing ‘status reports’ on the inclusion of nutrition goals in individual ‘National Programmes of Action’. The paper includes a background overview of the development of human nutrition as a science, together with a survey of current trends in thinking on the subject.

The Right to Child Health: The development of primary health services in Chile and Thailand

Traditional methods of assessment of the success of a nation in meeting the obligations of the CRC have centred upon an analysis of comparative ‘social indicator’ statistics. This paper showcases an attempt at a more ad hoc approach in its analysis of the development of health care systems in Chile and Thailand. This ‘historical’ method - with its emphasis upon the unique experience of the individual country - reveals that despite adverse economic circumstances both countries have shown an impressive level of commitment to child rights.

EMU, Macroeconomics and Children

How can EMU be expected to affect the children of Europe? Much of this paper is concerned with making the link between macroeconomic analysis and family welfare, a link which is important for all age groups, but particularly so for children.

Africa's Recovery in the 1990s: From stagnation and adjustment to human development. Summary

This study begins with an overview of the unique set of factors which paved the way towards Africa's economic, social and political crisis of unprecedented and paralysing proportions. A review of the programmes implemented - with little or no success - during the 1980s, mostly with International Moonetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank assistance, to lift Africa out of the stranglehold of poverty points to the urgent need for an alternative development strategy. The last part of this publication examines the components of such a strategy.

Africa's Recovery in the 1990s: From stagnation and adjustment to human development

From Adjustment to Development in Africa: Conflict, controversy, convergence, consensus?

The economic crisis in sub-Saharan Africa in the 1980s and 1990s generated fierce debate among analysts and policy-makers concerning its causes and appropriate ways out of it. This volume addresses the key policy issues in structural adjustment in Africa.

Policy and Capital Market Constraints to the African Green Revolution: A study of maize and sorghum yields in Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe

Is Adjustment Conducive to Long-Term Development? The case of Africa in the 1980s

630 items found