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The Economics of Disarmament: Prospects, problems and policies for the disarmament dividend

Eradicating Child Malnutrition: Thailand's health, nutrition and poverty alleviation policy in the 1980s

Ecuador: Crisis, adjustment and social policy in the 1980s

Patterns of Government Expenditures in Developing Countries during the 1980s: The impact on social services

Fiscal Shock, Wage Compression and Structural Reform: Mexican adjustment and educational policy in the 1980s

The Impact of Economic Crisis and Adjustment on Health Care in Mexico

The Fiscal System, Adjustment and the Poor

Economic Decline and Child Survival: The plight of Latin America in the eighties

The Children Here: Current trends in the decentralization of National Programmes of Action

The 1990 World Summit for Children brought together 71 Heads of State and Government to discuss ways in which to improve the lives of the world's children. The international ‘Plan of Action’ adopted at the summit recognised the importance of grass roots initiatives at the local level.

Decentralization and Policies for the Protection of Children and Adolescents in Brazil

Brazil has made concrete its commitment to the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in the creation of a number of State Programmes of Action. This ‘decentralised’ strategy marks an unprecedented step in a country with a strong tradition of ‘top-down’ federal thinking and limited experience of participatory planning.

603 items found