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Innocenti Publications refer to other types of studies, often jointly produced with others, including case studies and policy reviews that are oriented to a wide audience.

Protection in Practice: The protection of children's rights in situations of armed conflict. UNICEF experience in Burundi


In 1997, UNICEF’s first international Child Protection Officer, Ben Majekodunmi, took up his post in Burundi. This publication summarizes his experience and draws lessons for future child protection activities in emergency situations. Primarily aimed at UNICEF and UN policy makers, the publication calls for the creation of a systematic child protection capacity in the field as an integral part of an overall UN strategy.

Child Work and Education: Five case studies from Latin America


In recent years research, as well as the results of practical programmes, has lead to a clearer understanding of the relationship between child work and education. It is increasingly evident that child work is not entirely the result of economic need or exploitation.

What Works for Working Children?


The current upsurge of international concern about exploitative child labour has focused new attention on fundamental questions regarding children's work in general. What is the effect of work on children? When is it positive and when negative? What kinds of work help children develop valuable skills and attitudes and which violate their rights? This book approaches such questions from a rigorously child-centered perspective which constantly asks, "What is in the best interests of the children involved?" From this point of view it examines recent information and thinking about children's work in relation to child health and development, education, child protection laws, the market economy, children's role in society, and other issues of key importance for policy makers, programme planners and children's advocates. It reviews and summarizes recent research and experience regarding not only child work, but also the processes of child development as they relate to work.

Child Poverty and Deprivation in the Industrialized Countries 1945-1995


The contributors to this volume use a common analytical framework to evaluate how economic, family structure and public policy changes affected the well-being of children in the industrialized countries in the West and the East from the end of the Second World War to the mid-1990s.

Children, Law and Justice: A South Asian Perspective


Even though all South Asian countries have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, there is as yet little awareness in the region of the importance of this Convention at various levels including policy planning, activism and legal reform in the on-going effort to achieve children's rights.

Children: Noble Causes or Worthy Citizens?


The eight essays in this volume argue that for both theoretical and practical reasons children need to be understood in their own right. They ask fundamental questions about the cultural and social variations in the perceptions we have of children and chidhood.

Decline of Infant and Child Mortality: The European experience 1750-1990


Of the many changes that have taken place in Western society during the past two centuries, few have been more significant than the steep fall in infant and child mortality. However, the timing and causes of the decline are still poorly understood.

The Children Here: Current trends in the decentralization of National Programmes of Action


The 1990 World Summit for Children brought together 71 Heads of State and Government to discuss ways in which to improve the lives of the world's children. The international ‘Plan of Action’ adopted at the summit recognised the importance of grass roots initiatives at the local level.

Implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Resource mobilization in low-income countries


This title focuses on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as it relates to children's basic economic and social rights in developing countries in terms of the obligations placed by the Convention on both States and the international community.

Learning or Labouring? A compilation of key texts on child work and basic education


'Learning or Labouring' samples current thinking on the critical relationship between child work and basic education and should provide busy programme planners, project workers and students with both a practical working tool and an innovative source of information.

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