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Innocenti Digests

The Innocenti Digests act as 'road maps' on emerging issues, and provide a succinct and comprehensive review of best practices on specific issues in developing countries and industrial nations alike. Informed by the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, each Digest adopts an interdisciplinary approach that includes health and nutrition, education and legal protection. While the Digests seek to outline the gravity of any given issue, they are ultimately solution-oriented: they examine the strategies that can be applied to policy, programming and advocacy work, and identify areas for further research. In this way, they serve as a working tool for policy makers, practitioners and academic institutions. The Innocenti Research Centre sees the Digests as important elements in its capacity-building efforts. This role is ensured by the involvement of leading international experts, as well as staff from selected UNICEF Country Offices, at an expert consultation prior to the drafting of each issue. Their early participation guarantees that every Digest represents the cutting-edge of current thinking.

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