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Other international standards for children

The IRC continues to identify niche areas where there is little research or knowledge gaps where methodologies are underdeveloped or where emerging and sensitive issues call for a serious consideration. Topics and areas of research are in cooperation with UNICEF HQs and field offices, sister UN agencies, policy and research institutions and other partners. IRC efforts of the UN Study on Violence Against Children are illustrative of this particular role.

IRC’s previous work on violence and children, namely its Innocenti Digests on Violence against Children, Violence against Women and Girls and the Innocenti Report Card on Child Maltreatment Deaths supported the thematic discussion in the Committee on the Rights of the Child on Violence and Children. Those thematic discussions resulted in the General Assembly calling for The UN Study on Violence Against Children. The study will be finalized this year, although its follow-up process will remain of the highest importance. The IRC will pursue research in this critical area, based on the extraordinary momentum created by the study, coupled with a recognition of the dearth of robust, globally comparable data on the protection of children from violence.

In support of the UN Study and in close collaboration with a wide range of partners, the Centre completed two reviews: one of UN Standards and Mechanisms Protecting Children from Violence, and another on European Standards and Mechanisms Protecting Children from Violence. These have enjoyed widespread dissemination amongst UNICEF, international and regional organizations, academics and field workers. The two reviews, together with a desk review of existing research on violence against children in Europe and all of IRC’s historic work on violence against children, were compiled in a cd rom. The cd was made available for the six regional consultations on violence against children that took place during 2005, and continues to be widely distributed across regions.

Equally important is IRC’s ongoing work on global and regional estimates of children experiencing violence.
The UN Expert Paulo Pinheiro, asked IRC to be the research hub for this process and to take the lead in the development of estimates, following an inter-agency meeting on research methods and estimates convened by the IRC.
To date the biggest achievement has been the compilation of research, from a range of sources and countries, which relate to violence against children. Data on the number of children affected and available analysis of MICS data will be included and the results of this process will feed into the finalization of the UN Study.

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