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Child well-being, poverty and overlapping deprivation analysis in rich countries (Report Card 10)

Since 2000, UNICEF IRC has released 9 issues in the Innocenti Report Card series addressing different aspects of the living conditions of children and adolescents in economically advanced countries. All the Report Cards are built around a 'league table' which ranks countries according to their performance on key child indicator(s). From 2011 onwards the Report Card series will have 4 recurrent themes, which aim at providing a set of child poverty and deprivation monitoring instruments focused on rich (OECD) economies.

The cycle will include a multiple overlapping deprivation analysis, a multidimensional analysis of child well-being and analysis of children left behind with measurements of inequality. The series offers original and authoritative material in an interesting format to policy makers, academics, child rights defenders and the media and also provides support to National Committees.

The upcoming issue, Report Card 10, focuses on the direct experience of individual children under a multi-dimensional perspective and the extent to which deprivations occur simultaneously in multiple dimensions. The comparison of results of the child multidimensional poverty analysis and the child income poverty results will provide a better understanding on the concrete meaning of monetary poverty in the 30 countries included in the study (and eventually on the adequacy of their respective poverty lines).

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