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The impact of economic crisis on children

The magnitude of the East Asian financial crisis that has pushed millions of people into poverty is clearly visible in Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world. In 1997 the economies of its neighbours collapsed and the Indonesian currency lost 70 per cent of its value in just one year. Working with the UNICEF office in Indonesia, the Centre is focusing on the human face of the economic and financial crisis. The Project documents the work of UNICEF's 'Families in Focus' approach to the collection of social statistics in Indonesia, for possible use in other countries and will report the findings of research from 100 Indonesian villages, carried out since 1995. The databases of UNICEF and the Government of Indonesia have been used to examine child well-being in the country. The Project launched four publications in 2001: Working Paper 81, analysing data gathered from 100 villages, Working Paper 82, an assessment of the school scholarship programme, Working Paper 83, examining the 'family in focus' approach to social development and the Innocenti Insight Beyond Krismon, an advocacy document drawing all of this information together.

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