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Multidimensional Child Poverty Training Held for Researchers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

(11 July 2019) How can we measure child poverty in the unique contexts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia? UNICEF Innocenti held a training course to introduce multidimensional child poverty measurement to national stakeholders and UNICEF country office specialists from the Europe and Central Asia region. Participants were introduced to measurement of child poverty and completed exercises using national statistics to develop nationally contextually appropriate indicators for measuring child poverty in their countries.
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Global Researchers on Child Internet Use Gather at Innocenti

(28 May 2019) In high- and middle-income countries, and increasingly also in low-income countries, many children’s activities are underpinned by internet and mobile phone access in one way or another. Across truly diverse domestic, cultural and geographic contexts, many children now use digital and online technologies as part of their everyday lives.
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Social Protection: A Key Component for Achieving Gender Equality

(3 May 2019) International attention towards social protection has increased enormously as governments adopt and invest in social protection programmes. In fact, more than 3 billion people around the world today are covered by at least one social protection benefit. Despite the pervasiveness of social protection, and its potential to provide income security and resilience against shocks, one vital component is often missing in its design and implementation—gender dynamics.
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Mental Health in Malawi: New Study Shows Positive Impacts of Cash for Youth

(18 April 2019) In a new paper published by the journal of Social Science and Medicine, UNICEF Innocenti researchers working with the Transfer Project demonstrate the positive effects of unconditional cash transfers on the mental health of youth in Malawi.
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Partnering with Youth to Research the Challenges Facing Young People in the Horn of Africa

by Olivia Bueno
(2019-07-03) Hargeisa city is a fast-growing urban environment that remains safe, unlike many parts of the region. Yet young people living in the city face a myriad of challenges. Une ...

Pinocchio on Trial: Who is guilty?

by Patrizia Faustini
(2019-06-27) Pinocchio is sitting at the defendant’s seat with his lawyer, when the judges enter the hall. On one side the prosecutor looks at him grimly, with the Cat and the F ...