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Handling information for children's rights

The importance of accessing relevant information and the necessity of an efficient system for handling it was recognized as a crucial component of its activities by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, the treaty body responsible for monitoring the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, since its first meeting in 1991.
In this spirit, UNICEF IRC has developed and published, since many years, internationally agreed information-handling tools that can strengthen access to data and effective information exchange.

The CRC Knowledge Navigator is an information handling project developed by UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre. It serves as a tool to support research on the rights of the child in disseminating CRC knowledge to UNICEF offices, National Committees, policymakers, and national and international partners whose decisions and actions can make a difference in the lives of children.
It works as a gateway, collecting and re-distributing information, documents and data on the CRC. It is based on four main components: the International Children’s Rights Thesaurus; its companion the Children’s Rights Glossary; the CRC clusters; and the CRC database.

The Children's Rights Search Toolbar, available top of the pages in this section, is able to retrieve any keywords, no matter in which lemma it appears in the CRC Thesaurus or Glossary. The toolbar also offers the possibility of parsing a web page (URL) from the net, according to the CRC Glossary terms.

The CRC Knowledge Navigator enhances IRC’s capacity as knowledge broker centre. We hope that these tools will contribute to facilitate closer communication and collaboration among researchers and academics, by disseminating key knowledge on the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We will be pleased to support any organizations willing to become a partner in our CRC information handling network, and to use the CRC Thesaurus and Glossary to process their information and data.

For more information please contact UNICEF Florence.