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CRC database

The CRC database is a contents management database of documents and information related to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It has been designed to process relevant materials related to the Convention of the Rights of the Child - including the texts of international instruments, the background texts, the National reports, the official documents from the Committee on the Rights of the Child, as well as case studies, lessons learned and other resources.

The CRC database is based on a thematic approach to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and classifies the documents using the clusters identified by the Committee on the Rights of the Child in its Guidelines for Initial Reports and Periodic Reports.

The powerful retrieval system allows to select a path in the database where to search a keyword, as well as to query the whole archive.

The CRC thematic issues is a demo version of the CRC database. It is based on the documentation collected by UNICEF IRC to prepare the two Digests on Juvenile Justice and Intercountry adoption. Each theme has been organized as follows:

  • CRC
    This section contains the CRC text, analytical studies on the CRC, official documents on the CRC (reservations and declarations), documents related to the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child issued by the Committee on the Rights of the Child and other international bodies, as well as by national bodies, as follows:
    • Texts of relevant provisions
    • Background to texts
    • Implementation record (international documents)
    • Implementation record (national documents)

  • Other international and regional instruments
    This section contains references to other international and regional instruments functional or related to the implementation of the CRC, as follows
    • Conventions and Charters
    • Declarations and Recommendations
    • Rules and guidelines

  • Major issues
    This section contains documents/resources related to case studies, good practices, lessons learned on the implementation of the CRC.

  • Resources
    This section contains other resources related with the theme such as initiatives and developments, institutions and organizations, bibliographic resources, net resources.
    • Events
    • Organizations
    • Bibliographies
    • Links

All sections are database-driven and can be dynamically linked each other. By searching a theme, a country, an article number etc. materials related to that search string will be retrieved across the various sections.