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The Innocenti Senior Fellowship Programme

The UNICEF Office of Research, based in Florence Italy, announces its programme for senior fellowships. The senior fellowship programme provides a framework for established academics with an international reputation to pursue their research in fields of particular relevance to UNICEF and its Office of Research.

Senior Fellowship - Conditions of Award:

1- While based at the Office of Research, senior fellows are expected to spend time on their own research projects, but also to engage and contribute to our intellectual environment, establishing contacts with our researchers and participating in joint activities (i.e. seminars, workshops, peer-reviewing research products). Contributions to the working paper series of the Office of Research would be welcomed

2- Senior fellows are provided with office space and basic administrative support functions. No additional grants are awarded (assumption being that senior fellows have their research projects funded from other sources, including for travelling and lodging). No overheads are charged.

3- Fellowships may last from four to twelve months

4- Senior fellows are expected to live in Florence for the major part of the duration of the Fellowship in order to take active part in the OoR academic activities

5- A memorandum of understanding will be signed by Office of Research and participants, clarifying the terms of the program, including the expectation that costs in terms of travelling, lodging, health and insurances are covered by visiting fellows themselves

Procedures for selection

Office space is a restriction so we do not expect to host more than 1-2 senior fellows simultaneously. To proper plan the presence of senior fellows at the OoR we have established a process for identification and selection of academics with an interest in this programme. Selection will be based on the following criteria:

- Research accomplishments and potential, assessed on the basis of the candidates academic contributions. Please note that this programme is reserved for senior researchers

- Relevance of proposed research theme to on-going work within the Office of Research, with a view to exploit mutual interests with our researchers. Research themes that are of particular interest to the Office of Research in this moment are:
1- Child protection related research, in particular in relation to violence against children
2- Research on determinants of child wellbeing and equity, including adolescents
3- New frontiers on the child rights agenda
4- Research related to social protection in developing countries
5- Evidence-based policy analysis on relevant education and learning topics

- The Office of Research strives to assure an appropriate balance in terms of gender and geographical areas represented among its staff

How to express your interest

Expression of interest in participating in this programme can be sent to us at any time. On a periodic basis, approximately every second month, OoR will assess applicants against qualification criteria and if accommodation in our premises is possible during the suggested period of stay.

If you are interested please provide us with:
i) A letter briefly stating the academic background, field of specialization, research plans, timing and duration of the fellowship plus any other conditions you think we should be aware of
ii) A detailed Curriculum Vitae
iii) A brief summary of the research you envisage to work on under the Fellowship Programme (1-4 pages)

Please use the following e-mail address: jdariol@unicef.org