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podcast story Patrick O'Leary of Griffith University (left) and Rayyan Sabet-Parry recording an episode of the Innocenti Podcast on child rights practice in Islamic countries.

(16 January 2017) A new series of podcasts by UNICEF Innocenti features in depth conversations with leading researchers and experts on evidence, policy and child rights.  

The Innocenti Podcast series offers listeners a look into the story behind the research being conducted at UNICEF. The series provides unique insights on the methodologies and processes behind research being conducted on many of the most urgent issues facing the world’s children.

An interview with Mary Catherine Maternowska, child protection specialist at UNICEF Innocenti, explores the scope of physical, psychological and sexual violence affecting children in Peru. The findings form part of a multi country study on the drivers of violence affecting children. Maternowska’s blog on the drivers of violence against children can also be read here.

Child protection research and evaluation specialist at UNICEF Innocenti, Heidi Loening-Voysey shares research findings on parenting of adolescents in eastern and southern African countries in another podcast. The interview follows the publication of her paper on how adolescents are raised, what structural factors affect parenting and where families turn to for support in the region.

Tia Palermo, social policy specialist at UNICEF Innocenti, analyses the effect of unconditional cash transfers on households in sub Saharan Africa and the activities of The Transfer Project as part of another podcast. Professor Patrick O’Leary, a former senior fellow at Innocenti and professor at Griffith University in Australia shares fascinating insights on child protection in Islamic countries.

The latest podcast in the series features interviews with Dr. Deepta Chopra of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex and Dr. Elsbeth Robson of the University of Hull on the importance of research on children and care work and its implications on child well-being.

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