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Giving girls a chance

Research is conducted by virtually all UNICEF offices around the world to inform programmes and policy advocacy for children. Research supported by UNICEF takes place across a wide range of contexts, and it is often undertaken in conjunction with a variety of partners including governments, academics, think tanks, the private sector and civil society.

Innocenti’s mandate includes leading the development of global research policy and research governance across all of UNICEF’s offices and strengthening capacities to generate, communicate and make use of research and evidence on children in decision-making. To do this, Innocenti provides technical support to assure the highest quality of research is produced by the organization, that institutional incentives are set in place to reward good research and that lessons from previous research investments can be easily found and shared.

This includes provision of essential guidance, tools, and mechanisms to enhance knowledge sharing and broker good research practice. For example, by establishing minimum ethical standards of research on/with children, improving quality assurance measures in all stages of the research cycle, producing methodological briefs and evidence syntheses, granting recognition to quality research efforts, and strengthening research management skills and capacities of UNICEF staff and partners from research design and methods through to research uptake and impact.

Project team

Kerry Albright, Emanuela Bianchera, Patricia Arquero Caballero, Alessandra Ipince, Jorinde van de Scheur, Shivit Bakrania, Camille Neyhouser