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Ethical research in humanitarian

Alongside training, publications and resources, the Office of Research-Innocenti designs interactive toolkits to enhance development practitioners’ capacity in research methods, when conducting research with children. Toolkits consist in web based packages, including briefs and webinars, which provide an easily accessible experience of contents and resources. Current toolkits include: best-practice Research Methodologies for Adolescent Well-being in Low and Middle-Income Countries; an Impact Evaluation Series covering the building blocks of impact evaluation, strategies for causal attribution, data collection and analysis methods; a toolkit for Researching Children’s Internet Use, developed in collaboration with the London School of Economics; the Ethical Research Involving Children (ERIC) website and compendium, aimed to assist the research community to understand, plan and conduct ethical research involving children; and the Child Rights Research Tools including an International International Children's Rights Thesaurus and the Children's Rights Glossary.

Project Team: Kerry Albright, Emanuela Bianchera, Shivit Bakrania, Camille Neyhouser