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New catalogue of research and evidence publications on children in East Asia and the Pacific

Sixty-two knowledge products produced by UNICEF and partners summarized
17 Sep 2019

(17 September 2019) The UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office (UNICEF EAPRO) has published the first edition of the Knowledge for Children publications catalogue. The catalogue features research studies, evaluations, reviews, assessments and other reports providing evidence and knowledge on the situation of children. The publication includes works produced by the 14 country offices and their partners in the region, and by the Bangkok Regional Office, in 2017 and 2018.

The catalogue includes knowledge products that focus on UNICEF EAPRO’s three areas of advocacy priority or ‘Regional Headlines.’

  • Early moments matter – A child whose brain does not develop properly may not learn as well or earn as much. Not developing to her full potential hurts both her and society.
  • Children grow in safe and sustainable environments – Rapid urbanisation, burgeoning megacities and climate change are among the biggest challenges impacting the development of young people today.
  • Adolescents’ potential unleashed - With over 60 per cent of the worlds’ youth living in the larger Asia Pacific region, supporting this age group is critical to unleashing their - and the region’s - potential.
Sherly Mandez, 41 years old, helps Anika, her youngest daughter, wash hands in the sink of her small home in Taguig City, Philippines..

The headlines are intended to embody UNICEF EAPRO’s contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals in full alignment with UNICEF’s current strategic plan goals.

The catalogue features 62 publications, which are available online. The entry for each publication includes a short description, as well as information about the authors and contributors, publication date, links to where it can be accessed and contact details for obtaining additional information.

"Knowledge and evidence are essential to informing the development, implementation and monitoring of relevant policies and programmes for the realization of children’s rights," wrote Karin Hulsof, UNICEF EAPRO Regional Director in the catalogue's foreword. "We sincerely hope that you will find the publications listed in this catalogue a helpful resource for evidence-based decision making and programming."

UNICEF EAPRO joins the East & Southern Africa and Europe & Central Asia regional offices that have published similar catalogues (links at right) of publications on children and adolescents in recent years.

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