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Our top research and convening web stories of the year: A replay of 2019

Highlights from our "What's New?" archive in our 30th anniversary year
31 Dec 2019

(31 December 2019)  Over the last few years a huge amount of effort has gone into publication of web articles on the latest research, evidence and thought leadership news at UNICEF Innocenti. 2019 was an important year for our research, with findings on migration, sport for development, family friendly workplace policies and child internet use contributing to new ways of understanding critical issues for child and family related policy makers. It was also a banner year for the renewal of Innocenti as a global centre of thought leadership on child rights.

We hope you enjoy this rewind through our web news coverage of 2019!

On 30 January we reported on the Innocenti Working Paper "Child-Related Concerns and Migration Decisions" by Sara Burrone, Bina D'Costa and Goran Holmqvist, which presented compelling evidence that child-related concerns are a major driver of migration (see article at right).


On 4 February we published the significant Innocenti Research Report "Improved Outcomes in Education, Nutrition, Well-being for Refugee Children in Lebanon" which showed how cash transfers in hunamitarian settings played a highly impactful role in reducing child labor and improving overall conditions for children (full publication at right).

On 28 March we released a ground-breaking report "Getting Into the Game: Understanding the Evidence for Child-Focused Sport For Development" which was the first ever global study on S4D and showed that participation in sport can improve children's learning and skills (download report summary here). 


On 10 April, in partnership with the Transfer Project, we convened the seventh annual "Transfer Project Multi-Stakeholder Workshop" in Arusha, Tanzania which engaged key policy decision makers from across sub-Saharan Africa in the latest evidence on social protection (read article at right). 


On 3 May we convened an important "Experts Workshop on Gender Responsive and Age Sensitive Social Protection" which helped launch a new phase of Innocenti's research that will pull together findings in adolescent wellbeing, gender and social protection (read article at right).  


On 28 May UNICEF Innocenti and LSE convened more than 40 top experts from 27 countries to discuss next steps for the pre-eminent global research partnsrehip on children online, Global Kids Online, charting a course for evidence generation in the years to come (read article at right).


On 13 June we released and important research paper "Are the World's Richest Countries Family Friendly? Policy on the OECD and EU" which captured global news media attention on the extremely topical issue of family friendly workplace policies (read full publication at right).


On 2 July we published an important Innocenti Research Report "No Mother Wants Her Child to Migrate: Vulnerability of Children on the Move in the Horn of Africa," which provided a detailed, in-depth look at why and how children and young people seek to migrate in the Horn region.  


In July UNICEF Innocenti convened the worlds foremost research and data experts working in the field of violence affecting children at the "EVAC Knowledge Network Global 'Kick-Off' Meeting" to address challenging data deficiencies on this crucial issue affecting children the world over (read article at right).  


In September UNICEF Innocenti convened "Looking Back, Looking Forward: Consultation on the Mandate of the UN Sopecial Rapporteur on the Sale and Sexual Exploitation of Children" - a major global consultation on the emerging challenges and new complexities in the field of child sexual abuse and exploitation (read article at right). 


From 25 - 27 October we organized the first ever UNICEF Innocenti Film Festival in collaboration with Cinema La Compagnia in Florence. The festival screened 32 films from 28 countries focused on the theme of 'Growing Up. Narratives from all over the world' (read article at right).  


From 7 - 9 November the first "Leading Minds Conference on Children and Youth" was convened at Innocenti on the subject of global mental health for children and adolescents. The first ever meeting on the subject co-organized by UNICEF and WHO added significant momentum toward solutions for this massive mental health crisis (read article at right).  


On 20 November Filippo Brunelleschi's Loggia degli Innocenti illuminated in blue in celebration of UNICEF's 2019 World Children's Day "#GoBlue" campaign (read article at right).


At the end of November we published "Growing Up In a Connected World" which contained evidence that blanket restrictions on children’s internet use may prevent them from taking advantage of critical learning and skills development opportunities. (read publication at right).


On 23 December we wrote about the seventh, and possibly final, Best of UNICEF Research annual publication of summaries of the best research projects that have been produced across UNICEF in the last year (read full report at right).


In celebration of our 30th anniversary in Florence we published "For every child, answers: 30 years of research for children at UNICEF Innocenti" with 30 deeply referenced articles about our major areas of impact across three decades (read full publication at right).

Thank you for following 'What's New?' web news about all the latest developments in research, evidence and thought leadership for children and child rights in 2019. You can search through our entire "What's New?" archive to find all our coverage over the last several years. Please continue to visit these pages and share our stories with your contacts.

Here's to a happy and successful 2020 in service to the world's most vulnerable children!