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Our activities in 2010

The Innocenti Research Centre functions as the organization's dedicated research centre
09 Dec 2010
Istituto degli Innocenti - primo piano
As a core component of the UNICEF research function, the Innocenti Research Centre functions as the organization's dedicated research centre, maintaining academic freedom and contributing to UNICEF's strategic agenda. The Centre's activities promote knowledge generation and brokering to fill research gaps and address emerging and sensitive issues concerning children in developing, middle-income and industrialized countries. With UNICEF support, and through other resources contributions of governments and civil society, the Centre continues to pursue its work in cooperation with academic and policy institutions around the world.

Building on twenty years of experience, expertise and lessons from the implementation of its programme, the Centre pursues research in two thematic areas: (a) Social and economic policies and children, and (b) Implementation of international standards for children, including for the protection of children from violence, exploitation and abuse.

IRC's agenda reflects three interrelated strategies:
a)evidence-based analysis, drawing on quantitative and qualitative information, the application of appropriate methodologies and the development of recommendations concerning child well-being and the realization of children's rights.
b)enhanced partnerships with a wide range of research and policy institutions and development actors, within and outside of the UN system.
c)communication and leveraging of research findings and recommendations to support policy dialogue and development and advocacy initiatives.

The Centre's activities form a distinct contribution to the research agenda of UNICEF, which also reflects work carried out through the Headquarters divisions and offices of Programmes, Policy and Practice, Emergency Operations and Supply as well as through Regional and Country Offices. IRC coordinates with these units, providing support and inputs where relevant and participating in joint research efforts in selected instances. IRC's research continues to be carried out also in collaboration with academic, policy and development institutions, and with other agencies, organizations and centres of expertise concerned with children.